What our employees are saying about us.

Don’t take our word for it; our employees love working @ TST…

I’ve been with TST since April 1999. Having worked a regular 9-5 job for many years, I was looking for a position that would allow me more time with my family, etc. TST was perfect for me. The variety of jobs we work is interesting and educational. Something different all the time. Our staff is highly qualified and professional. As a supervisor, I know the high standards we set and I’m very proud of the staff we have. I think these standards are what sets us apart from other agencies. The management at TST is professional, friendly, and make you feel you’re part of a ‘family’. And because of this it’s the ONLY agency I would work with. I’m proud to say I work with Trade Show Temps!

Nancy Kleve 
La Mirada, CA

I do believe you guys are one of the best I have ever worked for because of these reasons:

I received excellent training when we did that big show for Cisco Systems in San Diego. You reimbursed us for parking, when other companies didn’t. You provided lunch, when others didn’t. You paid overtime and checks were received in a timely fashion. Sonia (TST San Diego supervisor) was wonderful to work for! I like the way you e-mail us all the requirements for the job, and then we are confirmed and we know exactly where to go and when.

In 2005, I worked on-call for a security company that provided staff for conventions at all the hotels and convention centers here in San Diego. It taught me alot, but unfortuntely, they cheated all their employees out of overtime, and eventually went out of business owing tons of money to all their temps! (Luckily, I got out in time!).

That’s why I know you are the best!

Marianne Marsch-Nakamura
San Diego, CA

Having worked in the events field in various capacities over the years, it was indeed a joy to find Dominic & Diane and the rest of the staff at Trade Show Temps.They are experienced supervisors, but who have a human side, excel at personnel relations and fairness, and despite many opportunities to do so, never demeaned or talked down to their employees. Trade Show Temps created a team like atmosphere and found the numerous nuances and niches for each staffer to excel within their varied skills & strengths on a job site.

Mike Martzke
San Francisco, CA