The TST Commitment:

Everybody’s Accountable:

TST has the sole purpose of providing quality temporary help for trade shows and conventions. Trade show producers and managers hire TST to provide temporary staffing for their shows, and TST in turn hires its own employees to work at the events.

What Prospective Employees Need to Know:

All TST employees are required to complete a W4, and taxes will be withheld for assignments worked.

TST Employees Provide Services Such As:

  • Distribute information
  • Greet attendees coming to the show
  • Register people and give them their name badges
  • And much more. Every trade show has different requirements

No Matter the Task, Every TST Employee is Expected to:

  • Be friendly
  • Be accountable
  • Exhibit a very high level of customer service
  • Make a good impression on the people coming to and exhibiting at the trade show. Our staff may be the only contact that an attendee ever has with anyone producing the event.

TST has a large pool of employees with a variety of skills and talents.

Assignments are Offered Based Upon:

  • Skills/talents required by the trade show producers
  • Availability
  • Employee’s demonstrated RELIABILITY (timeliness is vital)
  • Employee’s demonstrated willingness to work
  • Employee’s prompt response accepting or declining offers

No specific experience is necessary for a person to qualify to work with TST. The trade show industry values professionalism and friendliness.

We Look for Individuals Who:

  • Have a professional appearance
  • Deal well with people
  • Possess extraordinary enthusiasm
  • Computer experience is a plus (many opportunities require use of a computer)

When You Are Offered an Assignment TST Will Provide:

  • Dates and times you are needed to work
  • What you will need to wear
  • Where to report
  • Your rate of pay

TST’s preferred method of communication for assignments and schedules is via e-mail. Assignments are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are encouraged to respond to the offer ASAP. A response accepting or declining is required for each assignment offered for continued consideration for future offers. All assignments include a paid training period, since every trade show is different.

TST Employees Must Commit to Our Work Ethic:

It is crucial that employees working shows arrive on time, professionally dressed and accountable at all times. All questions regarding schedules and payroll should be addressed to the TST supervisor onsite and not to show producers/managers. TST will not tolerate rudeness toward anyone at anytime. TST also prohibits employees from taking any free refreshments or giveaways that are intended only for those attending or exhibiting at the show. If you have been scheduled to work an assignment and are unable to fulfill your commitment it is REQUIRED that you call our office ASAP to inform us. Cell phone use during your assignment is forbidden at your work station. You may only use a cell phone away from your work area during breaks and/or lunch. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in termination of an assignment and/or termination of your relationship with TST.

TST Employees Must be Flexible and Understanding:

The trade show business is largely unpredictable, show producers may unintentionally over staff or under staff an event. Changes to scheduled assignments are common and often made at the last minute. Your flexibility and understanding are greatly appreciated. Please note that TST has a 4-hour minimum. If you show up to work an event and find out you are not needed to work your entire shift, you will be paid for 4 hours for that day (this applies only when your hours are cut because of overstaffing. If your assignment is terminated due to violation of TST policies, you will be paid only for the actual hours worked). If you attend a paid training session and then fail to work the rest of your scheduled shift, TST reserves the right to reduce your pay to minimum wage.

Are You Ready to Join the TST Staff?

The next step is to complete the employment application. TST will contact you for an interview. Please feel free to ask your interviewer any questions you may have about TST and our operations. This is your opportunity to learn about TST. We hope you will have a pleasant experience with us and that you will enjoy your time working at trade shows.

Click here to complete our application for employment.